The NACC has 7 committees that work assiduously to ensure that members grow in their business endeavours by being aware of opportunities and trends in the trade and commerce sectors of the economies of Nigeria and America.

Each committee is made up of a Chairman and relevant number of members as committee members, all working for the progress of each member of the Chamber.

The 7 committees are, the Finance & General Purpose, Membership, Government & International Liaison, Programmes, African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), African Food & Products Exhibition (AFPE) as well as Trade Mission.

Committee Overview

Finance & General Purpose

  • To develop and present an annual budget;
  • To ensure prompt payment of membership dues and fees;

Thomas Osobu

Membership Committee

  • To recruit suitable new members for the chamber;
  • To investigate reasons for membership lapsing;
  • To scrutinize applications from intending members and make necessary recommendations to the Board;
  • To encourage and promote the formation of chapters of the Chamber.
  • To liaise with Chapters of the Chamber on matters relating to their membership

Janet Adetu

Government & International Liaison

  • To present the view of the Chamber to Government.
  • To provide high level contacts and liaise with relevant Ministries, Government officials and other business associations.
  • To suggest ways on how best the Chamber can quickly get reliable information from the Government.
  • To plan strategy and arrange logistics for trade missions and other related matters.

Amb. Bayo Idowu

Programmes Committee

  • To plan a suitable annual programme for the Chamber;
  • To invite guest speakers to Chamber functions;
  • To arrange seminars, debates, lectures, symposia to promote the Chamber;
  • To recommend suitable Nigerian and American Companies and individuals in Nigeria for honours awards.
  • To liaise with Chapters of the Chamber regarding their programmes

Eileen Shaiyen

African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA)

  • To promote the export of Non-Oil products and services under the AGOA Act
  • To drive partnerships and explore opportunities aimed at standardized and increased commodity export by member companies.
  • To ensure that the AGOA Act is fully explored for non-oil export in Nigeria
  • To ensure that Chamber remains an active player and stakeholder in designing the National AGOA Strategy Plan and implementing the AGOA Utilization Strategy Plan.

Ms. Grace Adeyemo

African Food & Products Exhibition (AFPE)

  • To promote the development of trade, commerce, investment and industrial technological relationships between the public and private sectors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United States of America through exhibitions.

Mr Tim Akano

Trade Mission

  • To promote bilateral relationships between Nigeria and the United States of America, thus linking local businesses to global enterprises.
  • To drive socio-economic growth and development for both countries and participating businesses.

Mrs. Violet Abdulkadir